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SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting, not web design, is the main challenge of modern websites.

Understanding a keyword analysis can be learned in an hour, even for the technically challenged. Creating quality website content and optimizing it to complete for organic SEO results takes skill.

That’s why Cannady Consulting includes up to 6000 words of SEO copywriting based on keyword research data.

Strategic SEO copywriting goes beyond generic website navigation: About, Services, Resources, Blog (if there is one), and Contact Us.

Website analytics overview

You don’t need help with build-it-and-forget-it unchanging web pages because no one searches for them. Yet most small business websites innocently focus on web design which is best leveraged once identifying SEO content and images to design and optimize.

For example, when was the last time you performed a search using the term “about” or “services?” Or clicked on a blog with “/post=239” in its weblink?

You get the idea.

Searches are specific, and the more detailed, the better the results.

How did you land on this website,  Probably via a search query relating to SEO Web Design rather than searching my name.  Using your name as your brand works well for a speaker and consultant website (which I’m both) as long as SEO copywriting  is optimized for relevant  keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting differentiates your website from one that simply posts content based on the hope that viewers will find it interesting. -Veronica Cannady

Organic SEO vs Paid SEO

“Organic” refers to search query results that aren’t paid advertisements. The content ranked based on keywords, length, and authority (how much time, backlinks, and trust the site has earned).

How does your ideal client find your website?

Social  media is an excellent way to drive traffic to already optimized  SEO copywriting  but randomly or even infrequently populating posts on hope and curation (reposting another’s content) doesn’t work.

Landing pages and conversion tunnels can work if following best practices but are designed to get a visitor to take *one* action (like sign up, buy a product, or attend an event) and require the support of ranking pages or paid ads to generate enough conversions to be profitable. Conversion  tactics has been a long time passion of mine (especially writing the sales copy) but my enthusiasm  waned  when I realized a great conversion funnel won’t convert without enough web traffic.

You’ll notice a point here. Lots of marketing tactics performed effectively will  generate increased business – but it starts with being found, noticed, and  trusted. It begins with organic SEO.

Where businesses became disillusioned with pay-per-click or paid SEO results was because paying for ad traffic before earning it is expensive. What I mean by this isn’t to disparage the value of PPC, but it’s not a short cut.  If a website or page content (or just one “landing page” is optimized by search engine marketing but the rest of the site isn’t) doesn’t provide as much value as the next ranking one, the bounce rate or decision to drop off is made within seconds. The average website visit is concluded within 2 minutes.² Don’t be disheartened, most websites are average.

Professional web design was never intended to be a choice of SEO copywriting or a beautiful web design. For  businesses on a budget, it’s a lot more fun to  look at pretty template themes promising “easy” and “build in a day.” Yet how many of those do what a website is intended to do – entice customers to hire you!

Map the psychology of how your customer thinks. – Heather Lutze, Dean of Findability University

SEO Copywriting that Ranks

The process to create SEO Copywriting that supports modern web design functionality begins with keyword research.

Tutorials and tools thrive on  how to identify best keywords. Admittedly, it’s fun. Where clients tend to stall is upon  realization that each web page typically requires about 1000 words to outrank other websites for a specific and compelling  search term.

That’s a good thing. SEO copywriting is how your ideal customer finds you, trusts you, and purchases from you to resolve their problem.

As much fun as keyword mapping and web design is, SEO copywriting is the most important stage in your web design process. Optimizing your SEO copy is what differentiates you from your competition and  positions your website as a recognized authority or expert.

Cannady Consulting SEO copywriting  process guides you an easy way to capture your thought leadership based on keyword headers and supporting  subheaders to propagate enough content to cultivate trust and rank. Service includes an SEO copy-editing review.

This is followed by a visual report so you can see how the content will perform for relevance when viewed by search indexing.

Website page content writing doesn’t have to be a rendition of Tolstoy’s juggernaut book War and Peace, but at minimum 500 words or 3-4 paragraphs with one image that you took, are in, or purchased intellectual property rights for.

SEO web design packages works best for consultants, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and speakers because your image and thought leadership is your brand and, the one-on-one weekly phone calls work well for tutorial questions and client completion accountability. This process does not work well for a company that outsources all decisions without prioritizing  contribution and feedback over the 6 week project span.

SEO Audit

How to Structure Content to Rank for Benefit Your Business Provides

The value of a web design is only as powerful as the SEO content it features and promotes to search engines. This means Cannady Consulting web design package includes proper headings, meta description, image labeling or alt tag, 3 social media marketing icons and account optimization, local search submission, and of course google analytics.

Business value is conveyed in your experience, your stories, and your benefits. Whether you prefer to produce written, audio, or video website content, Cannady Consulting SEO copywriting guides you through a process that extracts your best content using the keywords that your prospect is searching for to identify your content as their solution.

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