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Small Business Web Design, Call to Action, Keywords

Manufacturing web design by Veronica Cannady

I met Alfred Macha via LinkedIn, which is a testament  to how powerful LI is for business relationships (not invite-to-connect then send spam message).

LinkedIn profile optimization is included in every service package I offer, it’s that valuable to your professional online presence and search results.

Alfred Macha is a refined, serial business entrepreneur. One of his businesses is contract manufacturing. You’re probably familiar with Shark Tank or GoFundMe. He takes innovative concept and manufactures it into prototype reality. He also consults to ensure the process goes smoothly.

He already had a good grasp of technology, website design concept he wanted, and content he wanted to share.

His decision to hire me was expressed by:

  1. A desire to work directly with someone local and meet in person.
  2. Web design included services to ensure it’s success, like keyword research, social media optimization, content editing  feedback, and tutorial one-on-one recorded calls or in-person meetings.
  3. Package included call to action or opt-in email conversation with creation of free Mailchimp and design on website.

After website package completion, client recommendation feedback was:

We realized a video background would better serve my homepage concept rather than a background image of myself. Veronica advised how to add this price-effectively so I purchased the video but she added the editing per my request without additional charge. She was proactive on this project and I’m very happy with the result.

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