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International Speaker and Author SEO, Web Design, Tutorial

Sharon Black is a lawyer and telecom engineer who applies her advanced education to teaching futuristic technology. To summarize,  she is multi-lingual and consults International governments and companies how to improve quality of life with telecom technology in critical situations like disaster recovery and healthcare information technology.

The challenge Sharon faced with her website  redesign was creating and organizing her content as a Futurist thought leader and speaker into relatable  searches. “Telefuture” isn’t a common keyword but applying it’s benefit to Internet law and privacy is.

Sharon has her own successful law practice for over 20 years, serves on three board of directors, travels and speaks Internationally, and is completing her second book due Fall of 2018.

Sharon Black is a writer and wanted to understand how to increase  her content being found in search results. She hired me to design her website and help apply her Findability coaching process with my mentor and SEO expert, Heather Lutze.

Working with a super intelligent academic like Sharon was a lot of fun.

A neglected website can suffer from vulnerability to being hacked, aging or too-sparce content with dated images, potentially broken links, and missed opportunities to engage website visitors.

Now Sharon has uncluttered website featuring her thought leadership pages, professional images, clear calls to action or invitations to connect, secure SSL and improved page load times. Most importantly, her website design  and functionality is positioned to grow with her business, so she won’t have  to fix what’s  not  working every year.

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