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Dan Raabe Performance Training website by Veronica CAnnady

Dan Raabe holds a Masters Degree, ran his own Cross-fit training studio for a decade, and was a paid professional photographer who changed the trajectory of his life when he started studying brain neuro-biology science and performance.

He sold his business and dedicated himself to another Masters degree and study towards the truth of optimal physical and mental performance.

With a family still to support, his leap of faith would lead him to separate  the noise and hype from the truth of what efforts produce real and brain-chemically lasting results.

He wrote his first book “Train for a Reason” and revised his career into a speaker and consultant for those wanting trusted results based on 30 years of experience and educated study.

He now speaks to local groups and youth, trains personal trainers, and invites athletes into his gym for his 20 min no-obligation challenge.

Why did he create and leave his thriving Cross Fit community studio to take this risk?

It’s fun to watch confusion turn into a realization light in someone’s eyes after only 4 weeks of this physical and coaching  process. – Dan Raabe

Contact Dan for performance training at:

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