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How To Grow Your LinkedIn Connections Fast

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections Fast

I met Euan Austin through LinkedIn. Euan Austin is a top student, community and overseas philanthropy volunteer, and aspiring lawyer in the United Kingdom. He discovered my profile though LinkedIn and watched my free 4-LinkedIn video series sharing how to make your LinkedIn profile in the top 10% in LinkedIn and search results.

Why? Because as a global thinker he has also identified LinkedIn as a powerful way to connect with and share a network beyond his local community.

I was so impressed with Euan’s initiative, message, and most of all – results, that I invited him to share how he has received two job offers and grew his LinkedIn network from only 100 connections to 3000 in only 3 months.

I asked Euan to start with how he decided to faithfully dedicate about 5 hours during the workweek to initiating LinkedIn connections and another 5 towards LI messages and conversations.

He shared his vision to become lawyer and recognized the need to start thinking as a professional and not just as a student. He wanted to begin his professional network now, not from zero after graduation. An overseas and local volunteer for two summers in a row, he knows how effective both contribution and extending your influence can be.

Since he started about 3 months ago, he has received salaried job offers (not just commission-only, following a conversation with Euan all originating from his LinkedIn efforts.

Originally, he began making connections to learn more about law from other students, serving as a resource to others, and to become more appealing to headhunters upon graduation. His fast results stem from his dedication to weekly messages and conversations with others worldwide.

It’s not just random. He started sending custom invitations to corporate lawyers, then 2nd connections and law students, and next related industries like finance. Euan has been accepted into a Bachelor degree law program at a UK University. As a student he’s money-conscientious and sought out quality free LinkedIn resources. He said my first LinkedIn Training video was so good that he invested the time to watch the other three in the series.

Euan said he felt encouraged following my effective plan to grow his professional network on LI exponentially and share his interest in charity work as a talking point on his LI profile.

“I applied Veronica’s LI advice to the entire content sections of my LinkedIn profile which highlights my LinkedIn headline, summary, employment, and how I share my intent to connect on LinkedIn through messaging.

This has greatly clarified and enhanced my talking points when engaging a LinkedIn connection.”

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