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1. Optimize the Four Most Critical Areas in your LinkedIn Profile

   (10 minutes)

Over 85% of business professionals will reference your profile in LinkedIn following meeting you or a considering you for employment (can be a freelance project).

Most visitors will never scroll past these 4 areas unless they are complete and differentiate you as someone credible and trustworthy of being connected to on LinkedIn.

This tutorial quickly reviews each area, it’s importance, and what to do. How does your profile compare?


2: LinkedIn Search & Messaging to Identify & Connect with Your Ideal Prospect    (20 minutes)  

Most business owners have a system to attract qualified leads of those they can help, but how many of us with a LinkedIn profile use the Search feature to identify and connect with our ideal prospect so they know about our service and want to engage?

This tutorial demonstrates which actions make LinkedIn most effective in only 10 minutes a day.


3. The Most Valuable and Underutilized LinkedIn Tool for Credibility

   (5 min)

Quick review of how to leverage this under-utilized power feature of LinkedIn to increase visibility, credibility, and nurture connections.

Click here to watch an depth tutorial of this feature.


4: Beyond tools and techniques – Connect Authentically on LinkedIn

   (5 min)

Your invitation to connect on LinkedIn has been accepted… now what?

How to quickly cultivate real network connections so your time on LinkedIn is meaningful and powerful.


Click here read transcript highlights.


Leverage LinkedIn’s number one under-utilized feature effectively to dramatically increase exposure and credibility by using this one simple technique that separates you from your competition. (Hint: No one else is doing this)

Implement this, and:

Ensure you are found for your name and keywords in LinkedIn, remove email address requirement in order to receive connection requests, learn which features can be automated for you so your time on LinkedIn is spent engaging with your network, and more.


Are you frustrated by social media because you aren’t experiencing a direct Return on Investment (ROI) to justify the time and commitment?

Or are you posting  haphazardly or intermittently without a strategy or process?

What if you could see results allocating the same amount of time or less?

Would it be worth scheduling 30-45 minutes of your time to learn how? Scroll down to schedule a demo!

Take the guesswork  out of creating messages that don’t receive a response. Copywriting that attracts engagement has already been tested for you and we customize it to fit your style of communication for your target industry.

I’m not referring to canned or spammy one-time messaging thinly-veiled as a sales or all-about-me pitch. Receive a series of 4 messages sent to targeted connections on a response-timed schedule for you designed to nurture relationships rather than repel them.


gearsI Want These Results Done For Me 

Let’s have a quick, no-obligation conversation if your business is:

1. Not seeing qualified lead generation results from your current marketing?

2. Unsure if your message clearly differentiates your value from your competitors?

3. Want to use a proven strategy to nurture your relationships rather than wing-it?


   Click here to schedule 20 Minutes

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