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Denver’s Gig Economy And What It Means For The Stay At Home Parent (SAHM)

Denver’s Gig Economy and What it Means for the Stay At Home Parent (SAHM)

Until Gen Y, most of us have been raised with the paradigm that we will work full-time until retirement or potential motherhood sabbatical. Yet only 28% of families have or pursue the option to stay at home until children are school age¹.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Brian Strands, President of 10 til 2 staffing company in Denver. I learned it’s inception 14 years ago was based on the premise of tapping into an educated, professional pool of parents who were available and interested in working during pre-school hours.

Brian shared that 10 till 2 has expanded their temp  staffing to include temp-to-hire and full time positions to grow with Denver’s current economic boom time economy. He quoted Denver’s current unemployment at only 2.5%.

I interpreted this to mean that more part-time professional (not just clerical) opportunities are becoming available for the stay at home parent – until Brian shared an equally striking statistic provided to him by Steve Johnson of Cloud Mountain Marketing: only seven searches per week are for part time employment locally.

Brian explained we’ve expanded beyond just PT or FT paradigm options. We’ve entered what is now known as “The Gig Economy².” Talented professionals now command the flexibility of working remotely on  a project basis as a consultant.

I am fortunate to live in a demographic where the majority of Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) have the education and financial means to start a consultancy (which often takes time before profitable) or franchise with a multi-level marketing product as a side or hobby business.

My family could afford the start up days of my marketing consultancy. Five years later I can say it’s worth it.

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