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Adding Automated SEO To Manual Services: A Game-Changing Interview With Steve Johnsen

Adding Automated SEO to Manual Services: A Game-Changing Interview with Steve Johnsen

Steve Johnsen of Cloud Mountain Marketing has been studying SEO since 1994. In this interview Steve shares a fascinating and often under-utilized way to rank in local search.

Steve capitalizes on a change to Google’s algorithm a few years ago changed how google ranks ranks content from one database and local search from a business database.

What this means a few years ago a search for a chiropractor would yield the best content for that term worldwide. Now google features local chiropractor options.

Factors that influence local search include:

  • Online reviews
  • Citations or mentions from other websites (& the quality of those sources is factored)
  • Directories or public listing sources
  • Other sites linking back to your website known as “back-linking”

Refreshingly, Steve Johnsen isn’t cagey with how he’s invented a unique approach to simplify & improve search rank for local businesses.

Staying competitive in local search could easily take upwards of 20 hours per week. For example, manually preventing degradation of your information from directories that pull potentially-conflicting online information via algorithm would require recurrent, tedious attention.

Cloud Mountain Marketing has combined tools to automate this process. Once some SEO set up work is initiated, his software automates and maintains SEO-relevant information. While intervening when an issue arises is obviously done manually, catching errors right away is an advantage of automation as is resubmitting accurate content which saves a lot of time and work.

Another automated service which is critical to SEO and reputation management is immediate notification of a business review left on any of the top online review services.

Reviews contribute to SEO rank but also provide a critical opportunity to when responded to promptly – especially a negative review. Timely rectification increases credibility by showing interest in your customer’s experience, and often will even result disgruntled customer amending their initial negative rating.

One of the greatest advantages of this system includes soliciting reviews from your customers. How many opportunities for a glowing review are lost because a happy customer wasn’t asked? When was the last time you wrote a favorable review without first prompted by a friendly request?

Business owners can access these SEO advantages comprehensively without the time-consuming effort of learning various online tools to do each manually. Or, use a system that doesn’t work very well.

But can small businesses access it affordably?
Steve concludes the interview by explaining different package levels, the entry package is priced at $350 per month with a one-time $500 set up investment.

Results depend on client industry, location, and degree of services initiated. The Gold package provides more manual SEO work upfront to accelerate results but the entry package makes SEO accessible for many entrepreneurs and start-ups based on their budget and capacity to handle growth.

To learn more about the packages visit:



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