Denver SEO Web Design

Keyword Research

Because websites that rank generate revenue.

SEO Website Content Writing

SEO Copywriting optimizes your content to rank for your customers’ searches and dominate for industry thought-leadership. 

Mobile Responsive

WordPress mobile-responsive, premium theme customized to incorporate best design practices and integrate with SEO Ultimate Plus for ranking advantage.


Landing Page or Opt In banner designed with sales copywriting to convert visitors to take action.

Social Media

Automate your social media posts and thought-leadership blog to dominate in organic search results.

LinkedIn Profile

86% will look up you or your business prior to hire. I was one of six selected from over 200 applicants for Ted Prodromou’s year-long  apprenticeship certification successfully completed in 2016.

Targeted / Local SEO

SEO implemented caters to global or local needs, including local site submission and reputation management alerts.

Professional Video

Speakers and locals can record video or podcast on-site in beautiful Genesee Colorado studio for website, vlog, or social media content. 


One-on-one visits or video calls scheduled to review milestones, extensive support provided, and client access to the full video library of tutorials.

Six years ago I left tech sales to launch a web design consultancy driven to create beautiful websites that rank.

Working primarily with entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and consultants, I knew a website alone wouldn’t generate revenue, and a marketing budget had to be applied strategically with the next step providing the highest ROI. 

So I created a website process inclusive of SEO, copywriting, and marketing in a high-value, affordable service package.

Because websites that rank generate revenue. 

Jeff von Breitenfeld Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Now I’m (my website) is getting traffic.

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Jeff von Breitenfeld, Habitation Solutions Founder & Architect

Increased web traffic within 3 months with monthly reports and support:

•  Increased web traffic graphic shows 8 web visitors per month with high drop off to increased web traffic of 470 visitors in 30 days with 53% bounce rate 

•  keyword Research provided for your industry, content, and competitors so your website is the one that ranks 

•  3 one-on-one tutorial calls included to review website performance and conversion, WordPress blog and editing,  social media content sharing automation, and Q&A.

Beautiful Web Design with SEO Copywriting completed in 4 Weeks!

Once we decide to work together a non-techie document is sent confirming agreement of deliverables and timeframe. 

Ongoing SEO,  website maintenance, and marketing  services are available.

Nina SchloegelWOW!!! I absolutely love it!!! I hired Veronica to design both of my websites and within 2 months I onboarded 9 new clients.

Nina Schloegel, MSM-OL, Diversity & Team Performance Corporate Trainer

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